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First, I’d like to inform you that this article was made by a ‘gabut’ stay-at-home mom who wearing a hijab in her daily dose. No matter what, even though her hair isn’t showed in the public, she dyed her hair just to please her hubby. And as we know, pleasing husband is precious in Islam.

Thus, do hair coloring really have thousands pleasure for me, in personal, in so much aspects hehehe.. Just say this is kind of my ‘me-time’ *smiling

Hair coloring or dyeing hair at home is actually not too difficult but need so much brave to decided : ‘is this just for our fun?’ or ‘we really need to get the perfect result!’ hahaha..

Well, this is my experience and some tips about how to dye hair at home:

Choosing the Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone
Go googling! Choose what kind of color you want to apply in your hair. Don’t expect too much, this way just to give you reference about the style we will get. Adjust your skin tone also to your chosen-hair-color.

Decide What Brands You Should Choose
In this case, I decide to choose Miranda Hair Color which is Golden Brown variant. Fyi, I have tried other brand such as Garnier Natural Color but its color didn’t as bright as Miranda’s.

Do Bleaching (Optional)
It’s optional, this way is just only if you’d like to get the real color as ‘the box’ shows. Fyi, there was a logic explanation why the color didn’t show brightly like the box in your dark hair, just typed on your Google box.. ! I haven’t had time to write this more in detail at this time.

It’s Time To Coloring!
You can skip the bleaching step, and let just go coloring. Follow the instruction in the box, step by step and commit to yourself that will accept the result, no matter what hehehe..

Using Conditioner Regularly
Fyi, after coloring, our hair will get some problem such as dry and (maybe) splits (also). For anticipate using additional conditioner, special for colored hair.

I’m so sorry, I didn’t upload my photo result, but trust me, I really loved this kind of my amazing new hair looks !

After I dyed my hair, my face looks more fresh and glowing even though without make up. My hair looks more volume and manageable. So does my husband, I got a lot of ‘treatments’ and ‘giving’s’ from him after doing this hahaha.. (It’s no need to tell here, is it? Lol!)

There will be a lot of un-expectable things happen, but try to enjoying the experience and loved what we have fight for!

Or just go to salon hehehe!

Hopefully this ‘silly english’ article (somehow) will be helpful (for someone).. gakgakgak..


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