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Nina is on her desk. She’s doing her homework.

“Ah, I hate this! I can’t stand on such thing called homework! I better go out!” When she tries to stand up from her chair, her mother suddenly comes to her room. “Nina! Where do you wanna go? Have you done your homework?”

Nina just shakes her head without saying anything.
“Don’t go out! Stay here until you done with it!” her mother said in high tone.
“But Mother…” before she finishes her words, her mother goes out.

Nina hates it so much, but she doesn’t have any choice. Then Nina is back to her desk lazily.

The day after, Nina doesn’t go to school. She goes to the station, puts on some clothes she packed on her school bag. Then she throws her uniform away and catches the train to Jakarta.

Now, Nina is enjoying Jakarta. She’s staring around, all the bright light, theater and shop. Those are attracting her. “Wow, this is awesome! It’s all just like in the story, but where should I sleep? Hmm... Alright, I don’t mind sleeping on the street for a while. I will look for some possible job here” Nina prepare for her sleep.

Unfortunately, the day after, Nina’s purse has been stolen. She has no many on hand. Then, she got the job. She works in a restaurant for a while, washing up. Because there’s no one place that will employ a girl who even not passed school yet. Not long after, the restaurant closed down and Nina is back on the street again.

Nina walks down the street and stop, look into a girl in age of her, in front of the window.
“If I was at home, I’ll do what she did, enjoy the soft nice sofa, drink a warm chocolate my mother made, and spend this cold night with my family” she said, sit on the pavement and cries.

Part 1 end.


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