Rayyan and His Schoolmates

That day was the first time Rayyan went to school. He was so excited about going to school, even his age still 3 years 3 months. As a mother, I actually worried so bad, because I was afraid he couldn’t take care of his self when I was not on his side. But Rayyan made me so proud of his enthusiasm about getting school. In the first day he joined the class he said to me “Bunda, bunda can go home, Dedek wil be okay. Dedek has grown up, am I?”

Well okay, you said that, Baby! My Prays are always everywhere to you. May Allah always protect you and Bless Allah with you. Aamiin.

Finally, I left him to go home.

Anyway, Rayyan’s school was located exactly in front of our home. I even could hear his laugh, his yell, his cute voice when he was joking around with his classmate.


2 weeks later . . .

After took Rayyan to his school, I planned to buy some groceries. I went on motorcycle. After done with the groceries I took time to visit a nearly park to get rid of exhausted. There, I accidentally saw a little girl that falling on a hard ground, while his mom was busy on his selfie.

Some people, the securities, and I getting closer tried to help that little girl. One of the securities blamed so bad the girl’s mom. But Alhamdulillah, the girls was okay, he was on her mother’s arm. There was a little scratch on her head. All of sudden, I remembered to my miraculous son, Rayyan. I was in hurry to picked Rayyan from his school.

“Mama Rayyan.. Rayyan was fell from the table”

When I arrived at school, some of Rayyan’s classmate told me that something bad happen to him. Oh, God.. hearing that make my heart beats so bad! I ran fast, tried to find my precious boy in his class. He was sobbing on his teacher’s lap. And there was a big ‘bakpao’ on his forehead, ya Allah..


At night, I was made a discussion with my husband, Rayyan’s father. I said to him that tomorrow Rayyan no need to join the class anymore, I am so afraid something bad happen again to Rayyan, I couldn’t do anything when Rayyan is not my under control.

My husband said “why don’t you ask him about how this will continue?” He said wisely, glancing at our precious boy.

“Dek, does your forehead still hurt? Baby listen, dedek does not need to go to school tomorrow, ya! Let the bump get well soon.” I said, as I gently wiped his bump which began to shrink.

“Dedek is alright, Bunda, it already recovered. Dedek will go to school tomorrow. Dedek so happy at school, Bunda, there are many friends, Dedek can running around with friends, it was so much fun Bunda!” Rayyan said, excitedly. And I was getting melt about his cute rounded eyes and his sweet fussy lips.


The lesson for me, Rayyan is a super active boy. He cannot just stand on sitting-nicely at home. He has a big tank of energy, and it must be conducted properly. Alhamdulillah, I already tried to conduct his big energy through several ways, but it doesnt enough yet, actually. And join the school was one of the good way, he already asking me since months ago. Because of the school activities that he always saw every day in front of our house.

Hopefully, I could always accompany him to grow nicely.

1. Muhammad 2. Rayyan 3. Abqori

(1. Shalih. Noble hearted, 2. Charming. Able to refrain, 3. Wise person)


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